The Charleston Charm

Hello Helloo my lovelies!!! What has everyone been up to? Soaking in the summer sun, basking at the beach or just lazing around in your humble abode trying to figure out life, well truly speaking, I have been doing all the three at various times in the week (lol), and fitted in a last minute drive down to Charleston for the weekend as Mrs Mommy hadn’t visited this beautiful place they call CHARLESTON aka Holy city. It got the byname of the holy  city,  due to its tolerance for all religions and for the numerous picturesque churches and shrines that call this place their home. Love the southern charm and old town vibes this place exudes.

Might have visited Charleston a number of times but seriously this place never disappoints 🙂 I can stand and take pictures at every nook and corner of this pretty piece of nature and well, the craftsmanship of the amazingly built structures, cobbled paths(oh my favourites), the harbours and the architecture just add on.

Seen below are a few places we visited in as a little over 16 hours in Charleston and believe me the pictures do not really do justice to this beautiful city in South Carolina. A few must visit places  for my insta stoked family,  we can call them the Instagram worthy places as well 🙂 are The water front park, the rainbow rows, the Charleston french quarter district, the city market, Magnolia plantations(so pretty!!!), etc. There are many other places worth visiting but this was all we could really fit in the time we were there.


The Pineapple fountain at the Waterfront park


The Waterfront park


This view and pretty Mommy debuting!!


The old Town feel


The French Quarter District


The Shenanigans that followed 😉[[[[[[[[

The water front park again!!!
The City Market
The pretty steeple!!

We also drove to the Isle of Plams (SC)to catch a few hours at the beach while the sun shone hard on us, oh yes …😓was pretty hot but who doesn’t like a quite beach with no one to hustle you 🙂 and i love the drive to and thru the Isle of Palms passing through the Arthur Ravenel Jr Bridge. The beautiful palm tree rowed roads, the colorful houses and a peaceful beach is what you’ll get visiting this beach town.



And now moving to the best part, the food, and if your a foodie like me , you would agree we’d rather visit a highly reviewed restaurant known for its amazing food than visiting a museum. Hey no judging here, its all about priorities and food is the main priority, how do you think i maintain my food baby belly

Below were a few places we tried and a 5 star to all.

Coast grill – Amazing mussels, shrimp, crab pasta and the crab cakes …delicious (and yes complimentary sour dough and freshly made butter)

Magnolias- The fried green tomatoes, the fried chicken (damn love!!), shrimp and grits ..all the southern charms. Ah yes put in a reservation though else you’ll be waiting until your no more hungry, for a table.

Charleston crab house- amazing seafood and the view is beautiful

The Delicious Crab Cakes!!!

All the recs are seafood places cause i love love my seafood. Sorry fishys and familia!! 😛

And yes you’ll can decide to stay as such anywhere closer to the historic district if you have your own vehicle, else Charleston downtown has the most amazing boutique hotels tad bit expensive but good for a worthwhile stay.

Signing off on this note to continue my lazy Sunday schedule !!!!



Spring Break!!!

Hello!!!! How are you’ll?? Hope you’ll have had an amazing 1st quarter of 2018, yep shocking ..we are done with a quarter of the year, didn’t it like just start!!! Nevertheless, many more exciting months and days to come 🙂

Today’s post is just a small sneak peek into our recent vacation with the fambam. Well it wasn’t really pre-planned and was an impromptu throw in of places to visit. Normally, the hubs and I try to cover places we haven’t seen before but this was one of those vacations where we just wanted to relax and not go through the hassle of timing things, chalking out an itinerary and finishing off all the tourist places at a location since we had our family travelling with us. So yes it was a super relaxed 5 days of exploring the best food in the places we visited and spending some quality time with our parents visiting. Listing down a low profile and relaxed travel itinerary that can be covered from Vegas to LA with the elderly fam in tow hence nothing wild though it included Vegas 😉 . This ones going to be a long one but interesting, so do get your coffee mugs and recliner chairs along 😉

Well talking about Vegas, who doesn’t like going to Vegas, not me!! Its one of my favorite places not because i love gambling lol 😛 but just for the love of cities that do not sleep, yep born and brought up in Mumbai so that’s where i get that fondness for such places from (my fellow Mumbaiwalas will know the feeling :)). Always lite and bustling. So we stayed at the Paris Paris hotel, which is right in the middle of the strip and believe me you, staying in the middle of the strip is the best bet if you’re not much of a walker as this way your closer to all the pretty decorated and fancy casinos on the strip. Also its bang opposite the famous Bellagio fountains so that covers one of the must see places on the strip. Pretty much all we did in our two days in Vegas was walked around the must see and amazingly decorated casinos around and eating to our hearts content at the fab restaurants. Almost all the casinos on the strip are a must see with their grandeur and decadence thus making a choice of which one to visit and not is an onerous job, thus just listing down the ones we did walk through this time. The Venetian(for the decor and the Sephora right outside it, the girls and wives will understand), Flamingo (for their back garden with the pretty birds around), Paris Paris(we stayed there so had free tickets up the dummy Eiffel tower to watch the fountains atop, also their restaurant at the top has a good view), Bellagio (since it was right opposite and kind of like their lunch buffet, though ceasar has the best buffet if you love crab legs and seafood..yumyum), Aria (A Thai restaurant there called Lemon grass serves some amazing shrimp dishes) and Cosmopolitan (they have a huge chandelier right in the middle which looks amazing), well and we drove past Newyork Newyork, MGM and Excalibur to just see the amazingly created structures at each of these hotels. Special mention of a breakfast place we went to called ‘Hash house a go go’ for their huge plates, the foodie in me was kind of crazy happy looking at the food served (lots of food makes me happy though i end up packing it A glimpse of our breakfast and few shots of the places we visited on the strip.


From the so many years we visited Vegas this was the first time i saw the sign :p


Our bf at Hash house a go go


Mid night room hunger pangs 😛


Marshmellow coffee ;p


Stayed here!!




And that was up and about the places we visited on the strip which we tried to cover in two days.

Apart from the strip, places worth visiting include, Fremont street, Valley of fire (an hour away from Vegas), Seven magic mountains (30 minutes away from Vegas) can club all these places together in a day if required.


Seven Magic Mountains!!


Valley of Fire

Death Valley would require an entire day and make sure your not visiting the valley during the peak summer day, we did that mistake once and were seriously baked in the 120 F temperature, nope never doing that again.

The next stop was LA and we decided to drive to LA covering a few more places en route. So our first stop was the seven magic mountains right on route 15 towards LA and this ones a pretty site with colorful rocks but that’s all :), it does look pretty but that’s bout it.

Further we drove to Palm springs, nope not for Coachella i wish though it was :P, but just a pit stop for lunch. Though i wish we stayed there for a day or two, just to enjoy the amazing resorts and boutique hotels i have heard about, they look amazing. And of course the most instagrammed and talked about door in Palm Springs, the little pink door which i didn’t get to, due to the lack of time :(:(. Also if you have the time, you could, check out the Cabazon Dinosaur park and the Tahquitz Canyon, though i didn’t get a chance to visit.


In the Desert near Palm Springs!!

Once we reached LA all we did was pick up food on the way and slept like babies in our AirBnB right in downtown LA tired from the drive and to rejuvenate ourselves for the next two days of LA exploring. LA, another city I simply love vacationing in, mind you vacationing cause my lazy southern self( the side effects of living in Charlotte too long i guess!! 🙂 is no more used to the traffic( 35 minutes at any time of a weekday to drive 4 miles nope not used to this) and crazy crowd everywhere, but yeah its an amazingly diverse place. Listing a few of the touristy places we visited.

Griffith Observatory and the famous hollywood sign, The Walk of fame, Melrose avenue (for the multiple wall graffiti walls angel winged wall, MadeinLA wall, the lipstick wall outside Carrera cafe), Beverly hills and a tour of the famous Hollywood houses, the rodeo drive( just drive around if you’re not one of the brand crazy spend thrift) and the Groove(for my fellow shopaholics, our happy place).


Hollywood sign from Griffith Obs!!


Melrose Ave!!

We also did drive to, Santa Monica and visited the Venice beach. If you’re visiting LA during the spring time they have a bunch of hills and valleys worth visiting for their spring flower blooms . We drove to the Antelope poppy reserves, we weren’t that lucky to see a full bloom but it was fun nevertheless. Heard a lot about the Carlsbad Ranch for their Ranunculus flower beds which look pretty awesome though i didn’t have the time to visit.


Food recommendations in LA are mentioned below, though I’m sure the localities or yelp might know more but these were few of the places i liked:

Indian food ( one or two of our meals on any vacation has to be indian :P) : Mayura indian restaurant (amazing appams and chicken curry), Samosa house (Rajathani and Gujurati thalis)

Ramen: Slurpin Ramen house (if you’ll follow me on Instagram you would know about  my love for pho and i always try to find a good place to slurp them up, also this place had kick ass macaroon ice creams, heard of that ?? i hadn’t :), they were delicious)


So pretty much, this was all we did in two days or rather two and half days in LA, before we returned to cold temperatures back in Boston, can we be done with the cold already, my summer shopping’s all waiting to get out of the packages :P. The weather in Vegas and LA both were welcoming and as i wrote the post all i could think of was when would the east coast get warm again !!!!!!!!

Do let me know if you need any first hand information while planning your travels or DM me on instagram.

XoXo, Nikki

50 Shades of Spring

Hello helloo my lovelies, been a while since the last post but I promise to stay more frequent going forward. How has 2018 been treating you so far? How many goals nipped in the bud and how many are a WIP with a 2018 DEC deadline :), well i have 5 things lined up for this year and have already finished off with 3 of them 🙂 (pssstttt…..)Well who am I kidding, none have even seen the light of the day. Better said than done, right

This weekend we took some time off and drove to Tampa and oh boy, that was the best decision ever. The weather was absolutely amazing and perfect for a getaway from the cold temperatures here in Charlotte. We basically stationed ourselves at the beach for almost two days with all the necessary supplies all stocked up right around our beach chairs. Anyone remember the friends episode where Joey and Chandler are seated on their newly bought recliner chairs and stocked up everything around that’s exactly what we did, only there weren’t any Monica’s, Rachel’s or Phoebe’s to get our supplies that were over :D:D. And then off course since the weather was so so good i took the opportunity to flaunt this pretty summer dress i recently bought, around Tampa downtown. Seriously you guys, this is the most fun summer dress especially to flatter the winter bodies not ready for the summers (wink wink……), par exemple moi :P. A few clicks below of the pretty Tampa Downtown which was oh so beautiful and the pretty dress :).

Shop the look using the widgets at the end of the post. Also please do follow me on instagram!!!











The Color Pop!!

Hello heloo my lovelies, have been MIA for a while, blame it on the 2018 work schedule that started with a bang and all the travel between Boston and Charlotte. Nevertheless will always find time to do what i love doing the most playing dress up :D.

Any one in the house, a fan of bright and colors, ce serait moi!! I hate the neutral/monochrome dull colors and just find them super boring, i rarely dress myself in them and if i really do need to wear that color palette i make sure to pair it with all the possible colorful jewelry and a colored pair of heels to match it. Some might term that to be a bit over the top, hyperbolic, color exaggerated fashion sense for a lack of a better word :P, but hey, no judging her right!!! Dress the way that makes you happy and lets the endorphins flow strongly, cause the happiest girls are the prettiest!!!!!

And talking about colors, like every other girl, pinks my absolutely favorite color. On entering my room, no one would ever second guess that its not a girls room 😀 , i literally have furniture that’s pink all over, now that’s a bit much, but after a long tiring day of work my room puts a big smile on my face, so purpose served:D. On the same note, teamed this oh so beautiful and colorful velvet pull over with a pair of leggings , a dark green cami and a PINK pair of heels :). Well actually this was a wrap dress, but for some reason didn’t really look flattering on me, so just decided to use it as a pull over that worked super well in the current Charlotte temperatures.

The dress and shoes are sadly out of stock now, have linked a couple similar ones at the end of the post though.









When my feet were too tired for the 4 inches a shoe change 😛

Shop the Look

Its snowing sales!!!!!

Grrrr…its crazy cold here in Boston this week. Cold enough to frost my fingers and use it as an ice stirrer for my cocktails…….phewww!!!! From all the cold snow news, the hot news is ZARA’s is on sale :D……Happy Dance 😀 . It being one of the clothing stores I absolutely love for their unique and out of box styles, and since they are a bit heavily priced for my ethics, their sale is an absolute welcome to me.  And so packed up in my woollies and warmers, i braved the winters and made it to the Zara’s store on Newbury st, Boston. I could have shopped online, but for some reason I fancy the idea of trying on my clothes before buying them. I know its a little old school in this day and age of online shopping, but I find the idea of personally shopping in the stores more appealing and saves the trouble of returns allowing you to buy stuff that fit well and look good on you. Anyone else feels the same?

I scored a couple of good buys from the store yesterday and even strutted around wearing an ensemble for the love of dressing up and some pretty pictures in snow laden Boston. Who else loves wearing all their new buys the very next day as soon as you buy them? I plead guilty :D…. All who know me personally, would agree i seldom repeat my clothes. I try not to buy very expensive apparels, unless off course, i see something that makes my heart flutter until i buy it, confessions of a shopaholic, but those are rare times :). Seen below is a look i put together from the Zara’s sale and couple of more items i might have purchased :D. And yes pardon the location, on this snowy and cold day, i could only dare dance around in my mere sheer leggings and dress outside my apartment :P…Talk about harsh winters hampering things 😦



Click here to shop this dress, also available in another color.

On a side note, had picked this really pretty colored Michael Kor’s sling bag during the thanksgiving sales, i got this bag and another one in red each for under $60….and that’s a good price for an MK …yay :D:D


All in all have put together all the items from the Zara’s sale that i thought were worth the bucks. Click the images below to shop the styles.

Suede effect dressdrapped neck cardigan

suede jacketZara 3zarajumpsuit

All view are my own and not sponsored. Navigate to my instagram profile and follow me to get daily updates on budgeted apparels.


A Christmas Ride to NOLA!!!!

Hello and welcome to my first blog post!!! Please do head to the ‘ABOUT’ page to know the who and all about this blog.

So what was everyone up to during this festive and pompous season? We took the privilege of some time off from work and flew ourselves to New Orleans for Christmas and boy did we make a good choice. The history and architecture of this place had us mesmerized. The place was certainly prepped up for all the festivities, with every house around the french quarter playing its own individual role to make up for the festive season. And me the happy bunny was all excited to dress up, which i always love doing and pose around the pretty streets, well who loves posing and being clicked …me me :D..Happy Dance!!

A few glimpses below of the must see places in New Orleans and a guide to the restaurants/bars following it that may help.

We stayed at the Sheraton hotels on canal street, advisable to find a hotel on this street if you want to stay closer to all the attractions. The view from our high rise hotel room was the best part about waking up in the mornings :).

Canal street has these street train cars running across the city and that make for a good oxymoron where in, these period street cars run amidst the high rises. Some what similar to the San Francisco trolleys.

Our first and foremost stop was but off course the most talked about street in the french quarter BOURBON street. All lit up with the multiple bars and restaurants. So if you are someone who enjoys drinking and dancing all night, this is your street and stays alive almost all night, well at least past my bed time. (pheww…age does catch up). There are numerous Daiquiri and slush bars serving all the cocktails in fancy mugs and glasses as per the occasion. Buy yourself a drink and waddle along the streets gazing at the lights and the fun scenes with drink in hand, oh yes alcohol is allowed on the streets in the french Quarter :).

In the french quarter, the ROYAL street with its,one of a kind boutiques and shops are a novelty and a must visit. The houses with the typical NOLA style galleries and structures are picturesque. Each of their streets has such unique structures, galleries and colored doors( guilty of posing at every door i found fascinating :P)

Since we were there for Christmas they have a special promenade all decked up called the Miracle on Fulton Street. The place was all jazzed up with lights and Christmas cheer 🙂 .

IMG_0517 (1)


The next must see spot is the JACKSON square, super artsy with the perfect New Orleans settings. The St Louis Cathedral is a magnificent sight to the eyes, with the all white structure. The Jazz music players on the street, the painters around selling their unique pieces of art and the taro card readers around, make for a picture from the medieval period. The park opposite the basilica is pretty as well. The fountain in the park with the cathedral as the backdrop is the best place to get a great shot (PS: Ask me all the places to get good pictures and show case your ensemble, guilty of taking multiple pictures and driving the husband crazy until you get the right back drop and off course a picture that makes you look uhh lala:):)). The park is actually the best place to take a breather and soak in the sun with the saxophone/trumpet sounds in the vicinity …DIVINE!!! 

Around jackson square there are multiple cafes famous for their beignets, Cafe De Monde( Be ready for a long wait line to be seated if you want to eat here), Cafe Beignet. The beignets are delicious, the french version of funnel cake.

And if your a Jazz music lover the FRENCHMEN Street will be your happy place. A lot of jazz clubs around to satiate your inner jazz lover. The place also, does have pop up markets with rare pieces of art and trinkets. Sadly since we visited the place on 25th most of the places were closed on the street, but we had visited this street during our Mardi Gras visit to NOLA earlier this year, so be assured, you wouldn’t be disappointed.

Last but not the least the Garden district inclusive of the St Charles Avenue, Audubon park, Magazine street and the Lafayette cemetery are also places worth a visit. St Charles Avenue comprises of all the wealthy mansions and the Christmas season added a special look with each of the houses putting out their best decor for the season.

All in all, the Creole/Cajun seafood (I’m a sucker for seafood and can have all the shrimps and Oysters :D:D), the music in the air and in general, the ambiance made for a pleasant Christmas visit.

Followed below is a guide to all the restaurants to hog in (that’s the most important part of our trips … :P, to satiate our food babies :D)


Ruby Slippers, they have three branches in the french quarter, do try their Brandy infused milk cocktail..amazing and I was craving for it the whole of 25th when they were closed for Christmas :(:(. Their bloody mary’s are good as well with the vodka infused bacon. Stanleys at Jackson square


Best Oysters at ACME, FELIX(try getting a seat on their 2nd floor balcony seating, gives an amazing view to Bourbon street) in the french quarter. MOTHERS restaurant for a good cup of seafood gumbo. Commanders palace in the garden district. Oceana grill for their po boys. Daisy dukes is a 24hr place that can quench the post party hunger pangs.
And Yelp as such is super helpful. The above are few of the places we tried and liked

Below are details on the outfits worn in the pictures 🙂 :

Green stripped top(Shein), Green Velvet bag(Aldo’s), Leopard print coat(A New day-Target), Red pumps(DSW), Red earrings(H&M) with leopard print coat, grey loafers(Nine West), Brown/Black leather Jacket(Guess)


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