Hello hello my lovelies and welcome, I’m Nikki Walwaikar Harit, the writer and editor of TheFashionCoder. The blog mainly encompasses around my budgeted fashion escapades. It showcases my personal styles that do not give a hit to your pockets and still let you look like a million bucks :).  Hence through the site you would find the code to look sassy, and still be happy looking at your credit card bills each month. Woot Woot !!!!

It’s not about how much money you make its about how you use/save it

Growing up in a family where one parent is a doctor my darling Dad and the other an epitome of fashion herself my mommy dearest, and a sister who actually taught me everything about being the eye catcher 🙂 ,  it was but natural to be inclined in both the directions, a special mention of my  ever so fashionable aunt who has always been my greatest critic :), so here’s me a Technical analyst by day and a blogger by evening.

Married to the most handsome and supportive husband one can get <3. Together we both love travelling and seeing the world together. So yes, would also see multiple posts on our travel tales as well.

I love dressing up and always make an effort to look the best, be it any occasion; oh yes, i can dress to even go to Walmart :P. And people who know me personally would agree i’m a shopping addict :P.

So come follow me along this journey and make it all the more memorable by being a part!!!