The Charleston Charm

Hello Helloo my lovelies!!! What has everyone been up to? Soaking in the summer sun, basking at the beach or just lazing around in your humble abode trying to figure out life, well truly speaking, I have been doing all the three at various times in the week (lol), and fitted in a last minute drive down to Charleston for the weekend as Mrs Mommy hadn’t visited this beautiful place they call CHARLESTON aka Holy city. It got the byname of the holy  city,  due to its tolerance for all religions and for the numerous picturesque churches and shrines that call this place their home. Love the southern charm and old town vibes this place exudes.

Might have visited Charleston a number of times but seriously this place never disappoints 🙂 I can stand and take pictures at every nook and corner of this pretty piece of nature and well, the craftsmanship of the amazingly built structures, cobbled paths(oh my favourites), the harbours and the architecture just add on.

Seen below are a few places we visited in as a little over 16 hours in Charleston and believe me the pictures do not really do justice to this beautiful city in South Carolina. A few must visit places  for my insta stoked family,  we can call them the Instagram worthy places as well 🙂 are The water front park, the rainbow rows, the Charleston french quarter district, the city market, Magnolia plantations(so pretty!!!), etc. There are many other places worth visiting but this was all we could really fit in the time we were there.


The Pineapple fountain at the Waterfront park


The Waterfront park


This view and pretty Mommy debuting!!


The old Town feel


The French Quarter District


The Shenanigans that followed 😉[[[[[[[[

The water front park again!!!
The City Market
The pretty steeple!!

We also drove to the Isle of Plams (SC)to catch a few hours at the beach while the sun shone hard on us, oh yes …😓was pretty hot but who doesn’t like a quite beach with no one to hustle you 🙂 and i love the drive to and thru the Isle of Palms passing through the Arthur Ravenel Jr Bridge. The beautiful palm tree rowed roads, the colorful houses and a peaceful beach is what you’ll get visiting this beach town.



And now moving to the best part, the food, and if your a foodie like me , you would agree we’d rather visit a highly reviewed restaurant known for its amazing food than visiting a museum. Hey no judging here, its all about priorities and food is the main priority, how do you think i maintain my food baby belly

Below were a few places we tried and a 5 star to all.

Coast grill – Amazing mussels, shrimp, crab pasta and the crab cakes …delicious (and yes complimentary sour dough and freshly made butter)

Magnolias- The fried green tomatoes, the fried chicken (damn love!!), shrimp and grits ..all the southern charms. Ah yes put in a reservation though else you’ll be waiting until your no more hungry, for a table.

Charleston crab house- amazing seafood and the view is beautiful

The Delicious Crab Cakes!!!

All the recs are seafood places cause i love love my seafood. Sorry fishys and familia!! 😛

And yes you’ll can decide to stay as such anywhere closer to the historic district if you have your own vehicle, else Charleston downtown has the most amazing boutique hotels tad bit expensive but good for a worthwhile stay.

Signing off on this note to continue my lazy Sunday schedule !!!!



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