50 Shades of Spring

Hello helloo my lovelies, been a while since the last post but I promise to stay more frequent going forward. How has 2018 been treating you so far? How many goals nipped in the bud and how many are a WIP with a 2018 DEC deadline :), well i have 5 things lined up for this year and have already finished off with 3 of them 🙂 (pssstttt…..)Well who am I kidding, none have even seen the light of the day. Better said than done, right

This weekend we took some time off and drove to Tampa and oh boy, that was the best decision ever. The weather was absolutely amazing and perfect for a getaway from the cold temperatures here in Charlotte. We basically stationed ourselves at the beach for almost two days with all the necessary supplies all stocked up right around our beach chairs. Anyone remember the friends episode where Joey and Chandler are seated on their newly bought recliner chairs and stocked up everything around that’s exactly what we did, only there weren’t any Monica’s, Rachel’s or Phoebe’s to get our supplies that were over :D:D. And then off course since the weather was so so good i took the opportunity to flaunt this pretty summer dress i recently bought, around Tampa downtown. Seriously you guys, this is the most fun summer dress especially to flatter the winter bodies not ready for the summers (wink wink……), par exemple moi :P. A few clicks below of the pretty Tampa Downtown which was oh so beautiful and the pretty dress :).

Shop the look using the widgets at the end of the post. Also please do follow me on instagram!!!











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