The Color Pop!!

Hello heloo my lovelies, have been MIA for a while, blame it on the 2018 work schedule that started with a bang and all the travel between Boston and Charlotte. Nevertheless will always find time to do what i love doing the most playing dress up :D.

Any one in the house, a fan of bright and colors, ce serait moi!! I hate the neutral/monochrome dull colors and just find them super boring, i rarely dress myself in them and if i really do need to wear that color palette i make sure to pair it with all the possible colorful jewelry and a colored pair of heels to match it. Some might term that to be a bit over the top, hyperbolic, color exaggerated fashion sense for a lack of a better word :P, but hey, no judging her right!!! Dress the way that makes you happy and lets the endorphins flow strongly, cause the happiest girls are the prettiest!!!!!

And talking about colors, like every other girl,ย pinks my absolutely favorite color. On entering my room, no one would ever second guess that its not a girls room ๐Ÿ˜€ , i literally have furniture that’s pink all over, now that’s a bit much, but after a long tiring day of work my room puts a big smile on my face, so purpose served:D. On the same note, teamed this oh so beautiful and colorful velvet pull over with a pair of leggings , a dark green cami and a PINK pair of heels :). Well actually this was a wrap dress, but for some reason didn’t really look flattering on me, so just decided to use it as a pull over that worked super well in the current Charlotte temperatures.

The dress and shoes are sadly out of stock now, have linked a couple similar ones at the end of the post though.









When my feet were too tired for the 4 inches a shoe change ๐Ÿ˜›

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