Its snowing sales!!!!!

Grrrr…its crazy cold here in Boston this week. Cold enough to frost my fingers and use it as an ice stirrer for my cocktails…….phewww!!!! From all the cold snow news, the hot news is ZARA’s is on sale :D……Happy Dance 😀 . It being one of the clothing stores I absolutely love for their unique and out of box styles, and since they are a bit heavily priced for my ethics, their sale is an absolute welcome to me.  And so packed up in my woollies and warmers, i braved the winters and made it to the Zara’s store on Newbury st, Boston. I could have shopped online, but for some reason I fancy the idea of trying on my clothes before buying them. I know its a little old school in this day and age of online shopping, but I find the idea of personally shopping in the stores more appealing and saves the trouble of returns allowing you to buy stuff that fit well and look good on you. Anyone else feels the same?

I scored a couple of good buys from the store yesterday and even strutted around wearing an ensemble for the love of dressing up and some pretty pictures in snow laden Boston. Who else loves wearing all their new buys the very next day as soon as you buy them? I plead guilty :D…. All who know me personally, would agree i seldom repeat my clothes. I try not to buy very expensive apparels, unless off course, i see something that makes my heart flutter until i buy it, confessions of a shopaholic, but those are rare times :). Seen below is a look i put together from the Zara’s sale and couple of more items i might have purchased :D. And yes pardon the location, on this snowy and cold day, i could only dare dance around in my mere sheer leggings and dress outside my apartment :P…Talk about harsh winters hampering things 😦



Click here to shop this dress, also available in another color.

On a side note, had picked this really pretty colored Michael Kor’s sling bag during the thanksgiving sales, i got this bag and another one in red each for under $60….and that’s a good price for an MK …yay :D:D


All in all have put together all the items from the Zara’s sale that i thought were worth the bucks. Click the images below to shop the styles.

Suede effect dressdrapped neck cardigan

suede jacketZara 3zarajumpsuit

All view are my own and not sponsored. Navigate to my instagram profile and follow me to get daily updates on budgeted apparels.


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